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    Mr Yongky Wijaya, the founder of PT Monalisa Putra Agung (MPA), he started off by single-handedly built and assembled home-made DIY audio power amplifier in his home in the 1970s. Together with the rising popularity with his lighting equipment in the discotheques, he established PT Monalisa Putra Agung in 1985.


    Since establishment, MPA has been the distributor for multiple international stage lighting companies, such as, High-End Systems, SGS Light Technology, Omega Electronics. At the same time, we also have been innovating with the LED Display Boards, Queue Management System, LED Signage Display Systems. Partnering with the BIGI Tech company (Taiwan), we provide customers with an end-to-end LED system solutions from consultation, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales services.


    In the pinnacle of its growth, MPA have been selected to handle the LED Electronics Scoreboard for OMEGA and other brands for the 1997 SEA Games in Jakarta.


    MPA organizational goal is to serve the ever growing needs for the related products in the leisure and entertainment industry. Combined with a cohesive team of marketing, sales and technical support, we have been able to adequately address the market that we targeted.


    On July 2017, Determined to bring the organization to greater heights, PT Mandiri Industri Indonesia (MII) was formed as an extension and manufacturing arm of MPA that focus on industrial and manufacturing from LED Chips and fittings to ready-to-use products branded as, “GIO”.


    In the area of manufacturing affordable high-quality “pro-sumer” audio equipment, a product line branded as “Audio One” will be formed


    With our factory plant based in Cikarang (Jawa Barat) with an estimated area of 5000 square meters. We are able to constantly update and improve our products with the latest and relevant technology, build stronger networks whilst feeding our obsession to bring newer and better products into the market.


    We are dedicated to built it right, understanding that short-cuts do not exist in manufacturing great products. And our aim is to manufacture highly innovative, quality and efficient products that replaces the older, less-efficient and harmful products. With better manufacturing techniques and methods to reduce greenhouse emissions, we can aspire our future generations to experience a better quality lifestyle.


    What remains to be seen in the future might be an adventure, but the certain thing is that Indonesia has a huge market with constant improvement and growth, especially in the ares of LED luminaries.


    Currently, we are preparing for ISO certifications, Indonesia’s SNI for process management, quality control, environment management and certifications for Health and Safety applications


    Lastly,  MII believes in creating and maintaining a green earth. With our attention to detail in our products as well as co-orporation with our staff, customers, and partners, that we can produce high quality products while using environmentally friendly material that will benefits our future generation, to aspire for a better and greener world.


Our motto — Dedication for our work and efforts. Design with innovation for our products and delightful services for our clients.


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